A5: Billabong Dream: Book 4 The Stolen Years: Ryn Shell

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Ryn Shell puts you into the midst of a compelling Australian historical adventure set in Australia. Iain Fife is a cattleman, politician, and heir to the Fife Downs Cattle Station, his family saga brings to life the sheer scale of the outback, the power of nature, and the inland communities. This is a story of love and loss, often shown through the eyes of the younger generation who struggle to understand their cultural heritage.

This book may be read as a stand-alone story or in series order.

The Stolen Years Series:

Ryn Shell’s Short Stories:

1/ Gold

2/ Billabong Ghost

3/ Billabong Escape

4/ Billabong Dream

5/ Billabong Land

6/ Billabong Fire

7/ Star Struck