A PDS file and a jpg image suitable for one author to create original book covers for their own use

You'll get 1 PSD and 1 JPG

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For the Do-It-Yourself book cover designer wanting an original art image for a book cover that will only be licensed for one author's use. NOTE: I do not do the text for you. I only sell the work as you see it here. Once the image sells, and you download it, I remove it from this store, so be certain the keep your file safe, as I'll not have access to it once I remove it from my Self Store.

This is for the discerning author who does not wish to use open stock images, but would like an exclusive, original artwork cover that will be sold to only one client.

This will suit the author who prefers to create their own typography, or commission a book cover artist to do that for them.

I offer this original ebook cover, for one client only.

  • It comes to you as a file that allows for the typography to be altered in Photoshop, or as a clean file for you to begin to create your own typography. The license is for one user, and for a maximum of three books by that author. You have permission to create banner advertisements using the original image in order to promote your book or book series.
  • You may add photo stock images to this image, for example, a knife dripping red blood, a lady in a red dress. Feel welcome to modify tastefully.
  • You may not use the image in a way that would offend me. Don't turn an image that I've created into erotica or erotic romance. I'll not allow my images to be used to promote BDSM, barely legal, or dubious consent stories. You may not claim full credit as the ebook designer. If you choose to claim ebook designer credit, my name must appear ahead of yours as the artist.