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A Journey to Portraiture eBook

Yes, you may download this book for free today. (Subject to price change in the future.) You may, however, use the Pay what you want option, and help support me in my endeavour to bring you great, A Creative Life, videos, blogs, and ebooks by making a patron's donation.

Each ebook, each video demonstration, in the Ryn Shell Art Studio series builds of the former, just as regular art lessons develop an artist’s skill. this book describes Ryn Shell's journey to becoming a portrait artist.
Visual and theory explanation is given of the tonal practise a portrait artist does to waster their skill.

If you would like Ryn to help teach you, She would love to. Ryn is currently teaching through the combined methods of these art ebook tutorials, demonstration videos, and the invite to you, which you get with this purchase, to join the Ryn Shell private online studio group.

Take this step on your journey to portraiture and Ryn Shell will be there to encourage and guide yo with regular tutorial updates and encouragement.

You'll get 1 EPUB and 1 MOBI

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